Carl Albert Class of 1977
Carl Albert High School "Class of 1977"
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are the Class of 1977 Reunions, and Online Yearbook open to everyone.

A. The Class of 1977 Reunions are for ANYONE from the class of 1977, or who would have graduated with the class of 1977. If you skipped our senior year to join the military or take a job you are still welcome. If your family was military and you moved to another military base the senior year you are still welcome. Regardlesss what the reason if you should have graduated wth the class of 1977 you are welcome. The same applies for the Online yearbook. Anyone who should have graduated with the class of 1977 is welcome to send a photo of themselves to be added to the Online Yearbook.

Q. How can I help our class find those missing classmates ?

A. There are more than 100 classmates of the "Class of 77" that we have lost touch with, and we can not locate. Their names are on the Yearbook web page. Our web page is listed on over 500 Search Engines, including all the major Search Engines(Yahoo, Google, AOL, Netscape, etc.). We are hoping that a relative, or someone from another class will see their name listed on the home page, and help us locate them. If you can help us find one of those missing classmates we would greatly appreciate your help. We want everyone to join us at the reunion. Feel free to click Contact Us on the Navigation Bar and send us a message with any information that could help.

Note:There were actually 300 classmates that graduated from the "Class of 77" from Carl Albert. Only 184 were listed in the original 1977 Year Book. The Online Yearbook has been updated many times, and lists more than 200 classmates. Many have sent an updated 2002 photo.

Q. How can I notify someone of a classmate who has passed away ?

A. First check the In Memory of.. web page on the Navigation Menu to see if that classmate is listed. If you do not see the classmates who has passed on click the Contact Us on the Navigation Menu and send us an email. If possible send us a link or a copy and paste of an obituary. Once we are notified we will update the In Memory Of... web page.

Q.Who can I send a recent photo of myself to have it added to the "Class of 77 Online Yearbook" ?

A.Feel free to send a photo(attachment) to We will glady add it to the "Now and Then Yearbook".

Q.How can I add a "Find Me on Facebook" button next to my picture in the Online Yearbook ?

A.Send an email to We will glady add it to the Online Yearbook to connect with your classmates on Facebook.

Q. I am apalled and upset that my yearbook picture is on the Internet. Will you please remove it ?

A. No problem. Send a E Mail to . Include your First and Last name and request to have it removed. Upon request the photo will be Silohetted and not recognizable. However we would love to have a current photo of yourself for the "Now and Then Yearbook".

Q. I noticed that Steve Dover and Mary Wilson Sawyer have there own gallery on the Class of 77 web site. Can I send my Reunion photo's ?

A. Feel free to send an email with all the photo's and/or video's that you took at any of the Reunions. Greg will create a special gallery with your name on it. Please make sure if possible to name everyone pictured in the photo's. You may also create a gallery on our Facebook class of 1977 Reunion page.

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